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WP7 Mango Features #3: Bing Search

While on the subject of all things Bing and following on from recent posts on the new Bing Maps Tasks available to developers in the Windows Phone Mango release, I noticed another feature, called the SearchTask, is still alive and well from WP 7.0.

Although I hadn't needed to use the SearchTask previously, after a brief experiment I realised that this is another easy way to access some of the great Bing features on Windows Phone. The SearchTask, as the name suggests, launches the newly revised Bing Search app – you know the app that always stars when you accidently hit the ‘search’ button on your phone! This time however, as a developer you can actually launch this app and set the search string so that the user is taken straight to the relevant results.

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    SearchTask search = new SearchTask();
    search.SearchQuery = "Brisbane restaurants";

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