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Retrieving data from a SQL Server Database

As discussed in Retrieving Data from an Access Database, the DataReader object is one of the easiest ways to programmatically read data from a databace. The same is true for returning rows of data from a SQL Server database. A brief overview of what is required to retrieve data from a SQL Server database is as follows:

  1. Create a connection to the database
  2. Create a SQL query, with or without parameters, to access the required data
  3. Assign the SQL Query to a SQLCommand object
  4. Execute the SQLCommand to retrieve the records

Steps 1 to 3 have been covered in the posts detailing how to connect to a SQL Server Database and how to add parameters to a SQL Server query. The code snippet below assumes that you have read and understand those posts, so if you don't it's time to go back and familiarise yourself again.

'declare a DataReader

Dim dr As SqlDataReader 'For a SQL Server database


'populate the datareader with the results of the command

dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()


'create a loop to read values from the datareader

While dr.Read()

'gain access to the fields using something like below

Dim strValue As String = dr(fieldname).ToString()

End While


'close the read when done



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