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Getting Information about your Folders

Just knowing the drive letters on your computer isn’t very exciting, but using this information to display a list of folders starts getting a little more useful. The GetFolder method of the FileSystemObject returns a Folder object, which contains a whole lot of useful information about the folder, including its name, size and a collection of subfolders.

You may on occasion need to display or work with a list of sub-folders located within a parent folder. Thankfully, as with finding out what Drives your computer has access to, working with fodlers is easy using the Folders property of the FileSystemObject.

'declare the starting or root folder – you could get this from the Drives
Dim strRoot As String
strRoot = "C:\"

'declare the variables for use with the Scripting library
Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim parent As Scripting.Folder
Dim children As Scripting.Folders
Dim child As Scripting.Folder

'get the root folder from fso
Set parent = fso.GetFolder(strRoot)

'get the subfolders contained within the root folder
Set children = parent.SubFolders

'iterate through the subfolder under the root and display some data
For Each child In children
Debug.Print child.name

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