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WP7 Mango Features #4: ShareStatusTask

Ok, so it has only been a few weeks since I signed up for my first twitter account, and yes that was only after some very serious persuasion by Emily, the Spotlight2011 Program Manager, but I couldn’t help but have a play with the new Windows Phone Mango release Social Tasks.

The ShareStatusTask does nothing when running under the emulator, this is because is relies on the social networks you have linked to your phone’s Live account. Obviously, the emulator does not have a Live account associated with it, so you really need to test this out on a real phone.

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)


    //the sharestatustask will not work in the emulator as it needs your social network account details

    ShareStatusTask shareStatusTask = new ShareStatusTask();

    shareStatusTask.Status = "Testing some great features for our mango release";



I did, and I can report that after clicking the button on the app, a screen containing both the message and a list of social networks to post to was displayed. The user can easily select one or more of the social networks, such as Live, Twitter and Facebook. By default, all networks are selected, so you simply need to unselect the accounts you don’t want to post to. The user can also change the text being sent, or even cancel posting the status update. As with the EmailComposeTask in NoDo we see Microsoft continuing the policy that the user must always have the ability to cancel or amend the message before it is sent, making sure that any app you install won’t start randomly messaging everyone you know. 

Anyway, here are the results from posting an update to Twitter using the TrafficmateWP account.

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